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Artists have used light and shade, perspective and scale to create the illusion of depth.
Jim Sharp has stripped out all these visual clues from his images to emphasise the
perception of three dimensional depth in his paintings.

His set of paintings titled 3Dx1M are two dimensional but transform into depth
illusions when looked at through red/cyan viewers (3D glasses).
Each painting in this series is one metre square. The colours have been created to
balance perfectly with the red/cyan filters.

Other 3D paintings are available in a variety of sizes.

3D paintings can also be applied directly onto wall space.

A change in perspective occures when the observer moves side to side.

Jim’s work has been inspired by Charles Wheatstone who created the first stereoscopic
drawings back in 1838.

His paintings are the culmination of his experience in visual depth perception and were
on display at Graphic 4 Golden Square London W1 from September 2012 to March 2013

Graphic Bar has been keen to support local artists and the community and has hosted art
installations from various artists that change every six months.  These have included 
Allen, Eine and Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger.  

Jim Sharp has been working in 3D for over 25 years as Pinsharp3D Graphics
producing 3D conversions for many famous publications including the Guinness
Book of Records 2009, Harry Potter and Walking with Dinosaurs 3D books for the BBC.
His main customers are in the USA producing 3D books for Scholastic NY, Weldon Owen
and Chronicle books in San Francisco. Recently Jim and his son Roy converted many
images into 3D for Time Magazine USA  featuring the new 3D cinema genre.

Deutsche Bank have recently used Pinsharp 3D for their Global Graduate Marketing

To see some of their commercial 3D work go to www.pinsharp3d.co.uk.



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